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Free-Response Questions: Annotated Solutions

The 2005 free-response questions are posted on The College Board's web site:

The x2005all.zip file contains complete Java classes for runnable projects with small test programs.  Several MBS and College Board classes must be added to run A-3, AB-1, and AB-4. 

2005 AP* Computer Science A


In this question you have to handle an array of objects and an ArrayList of Strings.

Solution and notes


This question involves a small hierarchy of classes, and calling constructors and methods of the superclass.

Solution and notes


This question is a Marine Biology Simulation case study question.  It involves supplying two methods for a new class of fish.

Solution and notes


This question involves simple algorithms for averaging and comparing values in an array of integers.

Solution and notes

2005 AP Computer Science AB


This question is a Marine Biology Simulation case study question.  You have to redefine the nextLocation and act methods for a new fish class.

Solution and notes


This question involves reasoning about the big-O properties of get and put operations in HashMap and TreeMap and using an iterator to traverse a TreeSet.

Solution and notes


This question involves algorithms for a Binary Search Tree with TreeNode nodes.

Solution and notes


This question involves a Map, Sets, and Queues.

Solution and notes

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