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Free-Response Questions: Annotated Solutions

The 2009 free-response questions are posted on The College Board's web site:

The x2009all.zip file contains complete Java classes for runnable projects with small test programs.

2009 AP* Computer Science A


In this question you have to find the longest run of repeating values in an array.

Solution and notes


This question deals with the GridWorld case study.  You have to write a subclass of Critter.

Solution and notes


In this question you have to add consecutive elements of an array with wraparound and find the smallest value among such sums.

Solution and notes


This question deals with an ArrayList.

Solution and notes

2009 AP Computer Science AB


This question requires recursive handling of a binary tree.

Solution and notes


This question deals with the GridWorld case study.  You have to write methods for a subclass of Critter using a java.util.Map<Location, Integer>.

Solution and notes


This question asks you to write a class ArithmeticNumberStream, which helps to generate a sequence of numbers and implements a given interface.

Solution and notes


This question deals with expanding sets of contacts among Persons.

Solution and notes

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