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Part (a)
  // adds syn to the set of synonyms associated with word
  // in this Thesaurus;
  // if word is not a key in this Thesaurus, adds an
  // entry with word as key and a set containing syn
  // as the associated value
  public void addSynonym(String word, String syn)
    Set synonyms = (Set)wordMap.get(word);
    if (synonyms == null)
      synonyms = new TreeSet(); 1
      wordMap.put(word, synonyms);
    synonyms.add(syn); 2
  1. Or HashSet.

  2. It is okay to first put synonyms into the map, then add an element to it, because synonyms is a value, not a key.

Part (b)
  // removes the word syn from each synonym set in this Thesaurus;
  // returns a set of the words (keys) whose associated
  // synonym sets originally contained the word syn;
  // if syn was not contained in any synonym set, returns an empty set
  public Set removeSynonym(String syn)
    Set affectedWords = new TreeSet();

    Iterator iter = wordMap.keySet().iterator();
    while (iter.hasNext())
      String word = (String)iter.next();
      Set synonyms = (Set)wordMap.get(word);
      if (synonyms.contains(syn))

    return affectedWords;

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