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Calculator Labs

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Benita Albert
Phyllis Hillis

Electronic Edition
Includes PDF files for Student Workbook and Teacher's Guide

Part# 978-0-9727055-L-E.  Licensed to be used in one school, $118.00 per school.


Lab  1: What Should You See Graphically?
Lab  2: Functional Collages
Lab  3: Important Limits and Their Extensions
Lab  4: Numerical Derivatives
Lab  5: Derivative of the Inverse Function
Lab  6: Getting to Know "Cow" Culus Differentially
Lab  7: Mattie's Mean Value Adventure
Lab  8: "Mattie, We've Got You Clocked"
Lab  9: A Differential Equation That Models Exponential Behavior
Lab 10: The Integral Function
Lab 11: Want to Market a Calculus Book?
Lab 12: Cars A and B, Where Are You?
Lab 13: Differential Equations Visually and Analytically
Lab 14: Applications of Calculus, Review I
Lab 15: Applications of Calculus, Review II


It is now difficult to remember what calculus was like before graphing calculator technology. It is also getting increasingly difficult to find students who can remember any of their high school mathematics without using their numerical and graphical technological friend. What has been more difficult is for teachers to find technological lab experiences that let the student take charge in cooperative learning settings. When using the labs in this book, we recommend that the teacher take a step back and let students discover the results for themselves. Teacher involvement can be limited to making sure all students know how to use the technology and are actively involved in doing the exercises.

These labs have been student tested in Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB and BC classes at Oak Ridge High School, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We have also used them with calculus teachers in AP Summer Institutes over the past eight years. We are grateful to the many students who have educated us in the creative use of technology and who have thereby inspired us in the writing of these lab sheets. We are also thankful for those teachers who have solicited our work for use in classes.

We have thoroughly revised the labs for this book and added several new labs.

In addition to students and teachers who have assisted us in this project, we are grateful for the wise counsel and enhanced editorial revisions offered by Gary Litvin at Skylight Publishing. Finally, we must mention our wonderfully patient family members who have given us the time and space to write, rewrite and finally publish. Thank you, Mark, Don, Amanda, Allison, Ryan and Ashley.

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