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Maria Litvin
Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts

Gary Litvin
Skylight Software, Inc.

Fourth AP Edition.   Copyright © 2022 by Skylight Publishing.

ISBN 978-0-99972528-2-8.  List price: $85.00.   School price: $68.00.

528 pages. Dimensions 7-3/8" x 9-1/4" x 1-3/8". Hard cover.

e-Book: $85.00 / lifetime; $35.95 / one year.

Test Package, Part No. 978-0-9972528-J-T.

Brief Contents

How to Use This Book
Chapter 1.  Hardware, Software, and the Internet
Chapter 2.  An Introduction to Software Engineering
Chapter 3.  Java Syntax and Style
Chapter 4.  Objects and Classes
Chapter 5.  Data Types, Variables, and Arithmetic
Chapter 6.  Boolean Expressions and if-else Statements
Chapter 7.  Algorithms and Iterations
Chapter 8.  Strings
Chapter 9.  Arrays
Chapter 10.  Implementing and Using Classes
Chapter 11.  java.util.ArrayList
Chapter 12.  Class Hierarchies
Chapter 13.  Algorithms and Recursion
Chapter 14.  Searching and Sorting
Chapter 15.  Streams and Files
Chapter 16.  Graphics
Chapter 17.  GUI Components and Events
Chapter 18.  Mouse, Keyboard, Sounds, and Images
Chapter 19.  Recursion Revisited
Chapter 20.  Sets and Maps
Chapter 21.  Computing in Context
Appendices and index
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    "Couldn't have done it without you and your textbook!"

    "I get more excited about using your text the more I examine the details. I am always pleasantly surprised by the content you've created and your ways of explaining it."

On the Back Cover

Once again, the Litvins bring you a textbook that expertly covers the subject, is fun to read, and works for students with different learning styles.  In one volume, this new edition covers both the introductory Java/OOP material tested on the AP Computer Science exams and more advanced topics (data structures).  The focus is on object-oriented programming and design from the start.  What has not changed is the authors' respect for students, clear explanation of concepts, and realistic and fun case studies and labs.  By choosing this book, you have joined the many thousands of students who have received high grades on AP CS exams and mastered computer science fundamentals using the Litvins' C++, Java, and Python books.

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