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Coding in Python
and Elements of  
Discrete Mathematics


Maria Litvin and Gary Litvin

    Copyright © 2019 by Skylight Publishing.
    424 pages.  Dimensions 7.375" x 9.25" x 1.1".  Hard cover.

    ISBN 978-0-9972528-4-2     Price: $49.95; schools $39.95.

    e-Book: $49.95 / lifetime; $29.95 / one year.

    Test Package, Part No. 978-0-9972528-P-T.

    Contents and Preface
    Chapter 1. An Introduction to Computers and Coding in Python
    Chapter 2. Variables and Arithmetic
    Chapter 3. Sets and Functions
    Chapter 4. Algorithms and while and for Loops
    Chapter 5. Strings, Lists, Dictionaries, and Files
    Chapter 6. Number Systems
    Chapter 7. Boolean Algebra and if-else Statements
    Chapter 8. Digital Circuits and Bitwise Operators
    Chapter 9. Turtle Graphics
    Chapter 10. Sequences and Sums
    Chapter 11. Parity, Invariants, and Finite Strategy Games
    Chapter 12. Counting
    Chapter 13. Probabilities
    Chapter 14. Vectors and Matrices
    Chapter 15. Polynomials
    Chapter 16. Recurrence Relations and Recursion
    Chapter 17. Graphs
    Chapter 18. Number Theory and Cryptology

On the back cover

This book is a “Python early” remake of the Litvins’ book Mathematics for the Digital Age and Programming in Python, which has been used with great success in high school and college courses and in enrichment programs for middle school students.

Written in the same engaging not-for-dummies style as the Litvins’ earlier books, Coding in Python and Elements of Discrete Mathematics will teach you essential coding skills in Python and also build your appreciation for the mathematics relevant to computing.

“I told my principal: You usually donít say of a text that itís beautiful, but this one is.  This is a beautiful text.” — Michel Paul, Beverly Hills High School

“I do not write reviews as a rule, but this book is worth it!  You can actually learn the various aspects of math as well as Python programming.  This will come in real handy when programming Python on a higher level.  I am a new programmer, and a book like this was sorely needed!” — Willis Cook, Pittsburg, CA, Amazon reviewer

“It is a wonderful book containing number theory and much more math.  The explanations will be understood by the average high school student as well as the honor student.  The programming examples and problems will challenge all students.” — Earl J. Strassberger, Chicago Public Schools

“Perfect textbook for my high school discrete math/intro to computer science class. ... If you’re trying to figure out how to teach an Intro to Comp Sci class without resorting to just programming in Java, you need to take a serious look at this book!” — Thomas E Ward, Amazon reviewer

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