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Java Methods Home Page Skylight Publishing

New edition PowerPoints




Java Methods A&AB, AP* Edition


Copyright © 2006 by Maria Litvin, Gary Litvin, and Skylight Publishing. All rights reserved.

Teachers and workshop instructors may reproduce these slides for face-to-face teaching purposes.  You are NOT permitted to post these slides on the Internet -- use a link to this page.

The slides come with brief comments and notes for teachers.  To see the notes, go to the View menu and choose Notes page.  (Free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2003 alone does not allow you to see the notes.)

All slides: Ch01-13ppt.zip (about 4 MB)   Ch14-26ppt.zip (about 4.5 MB).

     Ch01.ppt ~ Chapter 1.  An Introduction to Hardware, Software, and the Internet
     Ch02.ppt ~ Chapter 2.  An Introduction to Software Development
     Ch03.ppt ~ Chapter 3.  Objects and Classes
     Ch04.ppt ~ Chapter 4.  Algorithms
     Ch05.ppt ~ Chapter 5.  Java Syntax and Style
     Ch06.ppt ~ Chapter 6.  Data Types, Variables, and Arithmetic
     Ch07.ppt ~ Chapter 7.  Boolean Expressions and if-else Statements
     Ch08.ppt ~ Chapter 8.  Iterative Statements: while, for, do–while
     Ch09.ppt ~ Chapter 9.  Implementing Classes and Using Objects
     Ch10.ppt ~ Chapter 10.  Strings
     Ch11.ppt ~ Chapter 11.  Class Hierarchies and Interfaces
     Ch12.ppt ~ Chapter 12.  Arrays and ArrayLists
     Ch13.ppt ~ Chapter 13.  Searching and Sorting
     Ch14.ppt ~ Chapter 14.  Streams and Files
     Ch15.ppt ~ Chapter 15.  Graphics
     Ch16.ppt ~ Chapter 16.  GUI Components and Events
     Ch17.ppt ~ Chapter 17.  Mouse, Keyboard, Sounds, and Images
     Ch18.ppt ~ Chapter 18.  Big-O Analysis of Algorithms
     Ch19.ppt ~ Chapter 19.  The Java Collections Framework
     Ch20.ppt ~ Chapter 20.  Lists and Iterators
     Ch21.ppt ~ Chapter 21.  Stacks and Queues
     Ch22.ppt ~ Chapter 22.  Recursion Revisited
     Ch23.ppt ~ Chapter 23.  Binary Trees
     Ch24.ppt ~ Chapter 24.  Lookup Tables and Hashing
     Ch25.ppt ~ Chapter 25.  Heaps and Priority Queues
     Ch26.ppt ~ Chapter 26.  Design Patterns

Skylight Publishing

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